Warsaken fully funded on Kickstarter in 2.5 minutes! Now that the campaign is over, you can get the set through online stores and select retailers in 2023! Check out the Kickstarter to see how it went.

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Genesis of Conflict

What’s inside? All 1,236 holofoil cards, 18x counter trays, 162x counter tiles, 8x empty draft boxes, a d6 die, a solo game mat, a how-to-play guidebook, and a mission book are included in a single box with an inner tray, base, and lid. You can even remove the space inserts to fit all cards sleeved.

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Learn Warsaken®

Play solo, co-op, head-to-head, and draft in Warsaken Standard, or try Blitz! Go against your friends and family to come out on top with the last leader standing! Build custom decks using a mix of cards from all Warsaken sets that match your gameplay style. Deplete their arsenal, morale, or crush their territories to compromise their leader…then go for the win.

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Card Library

Bold characters. Lush landscapes. Dazzling weaponry. Meticulous design. Our game-changing, card catalogue is available now for your perusal. Obtain your favorites. Expand your knowledge. Win the upper hand.


Try Warsaken®

Warsaken® is available for playtesting on Tabletopia. It’s not for beginners, but check out the rules and then jump into Blitz or Standard to try a game!

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