Earn Loot Rewards

Discover Loot – the Warsaken signature crypto token, crafted to honor your loyalty. Engage with our captivating NFTs, elevate your gameplay, and climb the leaderboards. As your rank soars, unlock daily Loot rewards specially designed for you.

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All it takes is one. If you own at least one Premium Warsaken NFT, you can use it to start claiming. Your NFTs stay in your wallet, and you become eligible to claim daily Loot. Stack XP and ranks to earn even more!


Battle for supremacy in Warsaken! Earn achievements and more!

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Loot Store

Spend your Loot in the Warsaken Loot Store for NFTs that you can sell or trade on the open market or use in game.

Loot Pack

Set 002 – Savage Escalation

7 cards per pack – 7,000 packs / month

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Owner territory, Tenant territory, Decadent leader, and Loot leader cards are available only through Loot packs.

Owner Cards

Owner and Tenant cards grant a daily share of Loot from the owners’ pool. While the game is in development, this is split equally between all owners. Once the game is released online, the share size will depend on the popularity of the associated territory in game.

Unlike all other NFTs in Warsaken, owner cards require no XP to earn you Loot rewards, which are among the largest rewards in Warsaken.

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Warsaken Wheel Spin

Gear items and cards from each set available can be obtained through wheel spins.

Get exclusive in-game skins, rare playable cards, upgrade cards, and more.

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Warsaken Unlimited monthly subscriptions will enable access to the majority of base cards for quick deck construction, testing, more unlimited gameplay, more decks, and access to exclusive features. Be on the lookout for it in 2024.