A modern military-themed deck construction game.

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The landscape of war games has changed!

NFTs, digital game, physical decks – Warsaken is coming. Do battle in solo, co-op, against your friends, draft, or tournaments. Earn Warsaken Loot as you play and use it to improve your arsenal.

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Expansive play. Endless possibilities. Pure entertainment. Get in the fight!

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Warsaken completed a successful Kickstarter and will hit online stores and select retailers in 2023! Get the first set of Warsaken® Genesis of Conflict!

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About Warsaken®

Warsaken is a fast-paced, modern, military-themed deck construction game with multiple game modes and a bevy of options for deck builds.

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Meet our
heroes and villains

A dangerous enemy lurks in the periphery; but our heroic legends are prepared to rise to the challenge. Pick your leader, plan for glory or become forsaken.

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Card Library

Bold characters. Lush landscapes. Dazzling weaponry. Meticulous design. Our game-changing, card catalogue is available now for your perusal. Obtain your favorites. Expand your knowledge. Win the upper hand.


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We’re on all the socials…Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, BoardGameGeek, and X.

If you need help, want to learn more, talk strategy, or just get in the know join the community of Warsaken on Discord.

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