The New Build is Here!

The Warsaken developers and designers have been hard at work, and the Legion will get to see the latest updates TODAY, August 1st at 5pm PST/2400 UTC! The new build includes:
  • Set 1 packs will be removed from the store
  • Wheel Spins will be live
  • Flame Tech Upgrades (get ready to sprint for those #1 mints)
  • New XP calculations for Loot claiming, including XP stacking
  • Gear (dice, card sleeves, game mats, music, etc) will work in-game
  • Collections achievements on the new accounts page
  • Other UX improvements

This is a huge step forward for Warsaken and for the Legion. Set 2 Savage Escalation packs will drop soon. Set 2 Loot Packs will follow a couple of weeks later.

Join us in the Discord at noon PST today, August 1st, for a party to celebrate the update and Brandon’s birthday!

Thank you for being here in the trenches with us, Legion! We have so much more in store for you.