Get Crypto

Warsaken® Get Crypto + Wallet + Packs

DISCLAIMER: Not financial advice.

Step 1: Pick your trusted app and buy

Many in the United States utilize reputable platforms such as Coinbase and for purchasing cryptocurrencies with USD. For those unfamiliar with the crypto market and seeking trustworthy apps to safeguard their payment and personal information, we recommend starting with one of these popular options. To begin with Coinbase, follow their first time buyers help section: Buy Crypto

Step 2: Learn how to send crypto

In order to buy packs you’ll need to know how to send crypto from your trusted crypto app. To learn how to send crypto with Coinbase, follow their guide here: Sending Crypto

Step 3: Use, get a Cloud Wallet, and buy Warsaken packs

The following tutorial provides guidance on utilizing (no login necessary) to exchange cryptocurrencies from Coinbase or to WAXP. Additionally, it assists in setting up a Cloud Wallet and depositing WAXP into it. After establishing a Cloud Wallet and adding WAXP to your account, you can access to acquire packs. To guarantee a seamless process, please adhere to the step-by-step instructions in the tutorial below:

Bonus Step: Get Loot for WAX through Alcor, get packs, and claim Loot,

Alcor is a valuable resource that enables WAX blockchain users to exchange WAXP for tokens from diverse projects, including Warsaken. To convert WAXP into Warsaken Loot, acquire Loot packs from the Warsaken Store, or claim Loot, please follow the outlined steps in the following tutorial:

If you have more questions join our Discord and connect directly with someone from the project to help you get the information you’re looking for.