On Tuesday, Jan 18 at 4 pm PST (0000 UTC Wednesday) you will be able to log in, select a leader, and claim daily Loot! https://warsaken.cards/store/loot.

Here are a few details on claiming:

  • The Loot claiming calendar runs on UTC time, from 0000 to 2359.
  • You can claim Loot once each day. Any unclaimed Loot will not roll over to the next day.
  • Each leader will provide different bonuses and reductions to your XP.
  • You can change leaders as often as you want, but will still only be able to claim Loot once per day.
  • Assets may need to be in your wallet for at least 24 hours before they will count toward your XP.
  • Assets will not leave your wallet in order to be counted toward your XP.
  • Earning XP for Ally NFTs is forthcoming.
  • You can trade Loot for WAX on Alcor.
  • Read more about Loot and see the Rank/XP table here.

We hope to have Loot packs ready in early March. Watch our Discord for an announcement about our next AMA soon! Join our Discord here.

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