Introducing a Game-Changer: The WAR Bot! Earn Loot While You Watch Warsaken Streamers on Twitch!

In the Warsaken and live streaming, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature that will enhance your Warsaken experience immensely. The WAR Bot (Warsaken Automated Rewards Bot) is here. No longer is your time just spent; it’s also earned. Welcome to a universe where every moment you spend immersed in the epic world of Warsaken on Twitch translates into tangible rewards. Loot is no longer confined to daily claims; it’s now available in the streaming world, making every interaction a step closer to glorious rewards.

Here’s how it unfolds. The linking of your WAX wallet and Twitch account is the gateway to this exciting journey. To begin, arm yourself with both a WAX wallet and a Twitch account – your arsenal for an immersive and rewarding experience. You can get a WAX wallet at Cloud Wallet, and you can sign up for a Twitch account at

Linking your WAX wallet and Twitch account is as seamless as it is rewarding. Visit the Official Warsaken Stream Channel, open the chat dialogue, and type the command “!link ” (replacing with your actual wallet id, and don’t include the quotes). Even if the channel is offline, this command will still link your account and wallet. Once you’ve completed this linking process, you likely won’t have to use this command ever again.

Find Official Warsaken Streamers under the Warsaken Category on Twitch. Watch them, join in the chat, and be part of the action. The more you watch and chat, the more Loot you’ll earn, sent straight to your WAX wallet! Remember, the Loot amounts can change, and there’s no guarantee on how much you’ll get. But hey, it’s super cool to earn stuff just for hanging out and watching streams!

Want to know when the streamers are live? Join us on Discord or check out Never miss out when your favorite streamers are on and keep earning that sweet, sweet Loot!

And there you have it! A fun, easy way to earn Loot while watching Warsaken on Twitch. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in, have fun, and start collecting your rewards! See you there!

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